Rotring New Newton 2005 not actually series 600 top screw cap fell off

I just took my pen out of my pocket this morning, and the screw cap which is on the bottom of the pen just came clean off, with no way to screw it on again (it usually acts in a screwing motion, but it moves an inner tube which connects to the large plastic nib+ink+case section of the pen.

There was a slight panic, but nothing looked like it had cracked in half – it is all metal and solid. (I want to use these pens forever – and I’m guessing the first thing that will disintegrate will be the clipping action of the caps… )

It was hard to see what to do – and for the first time I saw the long silver tube which is usually on the inside of the main part of the pen, but this is how I fixed it:

  1. Remove the sections: cap, nib, metal tube, main body of pen, little screw nobule which is usually on the top.
  2. place the silver inner tube into the body, and then slip the little twist cap onto the end of it
     ~ The way it is held in place is that it is wedged into it, and then the whole mechanism rotates freely inside the body of the pen.
  3. put the body of the pen, screw-cap facing down, onto a table, then use a solid long object to apply small, steadily growing amounts of pressure onto the edge of the silver inner tube down into the screw cap – thereby wedging the two into one.
     ~ I was just a bit paranoid of damaging or warping the inner tube, so I didn’t want to just push it down by adding a lot of pressure to one point – so I was working my way around the circumference. 
     ~ When it is wedged together a small amount, you can lift the pen up, and test to see your progress by observing the gap between the screw cap, and small silver section it connects to. The two should be flush together with no gap.

Here is a video of the type of pen I am talking about:


WordPress only show content for logged in admin user

Sometimes one might only want to show some content for logged in admin users, or a specific admin user – for testing purposes etc.

you can use this code:

$current_user = wp_get_current_user();
if($current_user->user_email == "")
  function(); // this function will only happen when this one admin user is logged in.
<p>This HTML will only show when the user is logged in</p>

For content to be shown when a user is logged in as an admin in general, this can be used:

<?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {
  echo "This will be shown if a user is logged into the admin section.";
} ?> 

Google Algorithm Change – Penguin 2.1

Valuing non-standard words and longer sentences?~ sounds like a recipe for long windedness and interesting language ~ may be more fun to read – but not the best when you want answers fast.

My reply:

It would quite undoubtedly be gained, by reading this masterous literary piece, which has given me some informational enlightenment on the collection of thoughts at hand, that the discourse which is brought to publication on the interconnected systems which erect the Internet’s structures will move in the trajectory of loquaciousness and heterogeneousness alike.

Hiding title tags for links and images using JQUERY

I was trying to hide all title popup boxes for one website – this may not be the most elegant solution – but it is something if you need it in a pinch – post better solutions below:

$("a").each(function(e) {
 var title = $(this).attr('title');
 function() {
 function() {
 $(this).attr('title', title);
 function() {
 $(this).attr('title', title);
$("img").each(function(e) {
 var title = $(this).attr('title');
 function() {
 function() {
 $(this).attr('title', title);
 function() {
 $(this).attr('title', title);

How to get your Google Plus ID with a Vanity Name URL

If you have a vanity name in your URL on Google+ rather than just an ID number, you can search for yourself, and your profile picture in the search results links to your ID number – so you can copy URL and extract the number from the link.

Here is a GIF animation showing how that is done ~ 


Sedentary lifestyle – Sitting all day at your office based place of work

Sitting all day is unnatural, but more and more people are doing it – with technology and transport doing everything for us, endless entertainment, and so forth

“Sitting increases risk of death up to 40%”

“Sitting 6+ hours per day makes you up to 40% likelier to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3. Even if you exercise.”

  • Twice the rate of cardiovascular disease 
  • Electrical activity in leg muscles shuts off
  • 1 calorie burned per minute only
  • Fat break down enzymes drop 90%
  • Good cholesterol drops 20%
  • Insulin effectiveness drops 24% after 24 hours
  • Metabolism slows 25-50%
  • Blood sugar rises
  • Mood decreases, pain grows, productivity goes down

What to do about it?



July 05, 2014 – I deleted my facebook account for the 3rd time or something.

In high school – we used MySpace, since facebook didn’t exist, and then in time for uni, 2007 – you had to register for facebook with a university email (it started in USA only, then to educational members, then open to the public.)

In uni, I thought my account got hacked, so I deleted all my friends or something – then when Google+ was invented, I decided to migrate, so I deleted all my posts and set everything to private, though I was the only one that wanted to move @-@

I was inspired by this video:

Though, I have been hanging out with real people in real life more, recently – and it’s wonderful.

I would also rather use my time reading, lifting weights and making YouTube videos rather than wasting my life on facebook – and there is always email, sms and Google+ with which to contact people ~ 

Maybe I’ll be back – but hopefully not.

(By the way – this was just when facebook gained access to the phone microphone and started automatically tagging music and shows into posts by listening to the users surroundings @-@) 

Fountain Pens on Australian Carry On Luggage

I have recently once again fallen in love with fountain pens, both for calligraphy, and for their smooth beautiful writing and ink colours. 
I’m taking a domestic flight and was worried about customs – they have strict liquid standards (though my pens only have a 1ml capacity) – but I’m thinking… if the pen was filled with poison, it would be the perfect weapon **stab stab* but at least on JetStar, mid 2014, it should be ok.
Gabriel: at 15:07:15 
Hello, how can I help you with your Jetstar booking?
you: at 15:07:27 
Hello, I am taking a domestic flight in 2 weeks, and I want to know if I can take 3 fountain pens in my hand luggage~
Gabriel: at 15:08:13 
Hi there! Let me check that for you. One moment please.
Gabriel: at 15:09:17 
Thank you for waiting!
Gabriel: at 15:09:46 
Yes, you may bring fountain pens as carry-on baggage.
you: at 15:10:04 
Ok ~ thank you ~ ~

Just take note: 

Planes usually only pressurise the cabin at 6,000 feet or so, so while the plane is taking off – the air pressure drops quickly – fountain pens can leak, since the air in the ink capsule is trying to get out, and the easiest way out is through the nib.
You should take these precautions:
  • If you use glass bottles of ink with a converter – fill the pen up full before leaving, so there will be less air in the converter
  • Keep the pens nib up for a few hours before take off, if possible, so that the ink can make its way out of the nib – you can keep it in a shirt pocket or small pocket of a hand luggage bag
  • Keep it in a zip-lock bag, just in case it leaks, and in case the people working in customs demand that any liquids are sealed in a bag
  • When opening it for the first time after ascent – open it above something on which it is ok to get ink

PSA – Old fashioned words

I learned something new last week when reading some online discussions amongst friends about people dressing as the opposite gender etc. – and discussion about the word ‘Transvestite.’

Some words aren’t used because they are old fashioned and have negative connotations. It’s not that there is necessarily any negative emotions attached, maybe one simple hadn’t thought if it that way before. 

It’s like calling someone a “Negro” was socially acceptable in the distant past, and older people may still use it – but – times are changed.

  • Transvestite
    • Not to be confused with trans-gender or trans-sexual – transvestite means “cross dresser” – or a man wearing women’s clothing, a woman wearing men’s clothing. 
    • Someone was saying that they thought cross dresser was a more harsh term, though in the past, transvestite had an almost exclusively negative nuance behind it.
    • Depending on your views on rock solid gender norms and stereotypes, the word may be redundant completely – male and female clothing is a social construction, so if everyone stopped caring about it, the word wouldn’t exist.
  • Homosexual
    • Christians often use the word, but it seems old fashioned no?
    • What’s wrong with calling us gay?
  • Gay
    • If by gay you mean someone attracted to the same sex, or something awesome – then that’s awesome
    • Using the word to describe a minority as a synonym for ‘Shit’ is pretty old fashioned if you ask me ~ 


Have anything else you can think of?