Android Lollipop WiFi NFC connection tags

When you are in your WiFi settings, you can long press on the current active WiFi network and select “Write to NFC tag” to make a tag that other people can scan to connect to the current network.

They may be able to get the password, but it isn’t immediately obvious – and there’s no typing.

You can use this Android/ NFC/ WiFi icon to print, put an NFC tag under it, and share your WiFi.


Google Algorithm Change – Penguin 2.1

Valuing non-standard words and longer sentences?~ sounds like a recipe for long windedness and interesting language ~ may be more fun to read – but not the best when you want answers fast.

My reply:

It would quite undoubtedly be gained, by reading this masterous literary piece, which has given me some informational enlightenment on the collection of thoughts at hand, that the discourse which is brought to publication on the interconnected systems which erect the Internet’s structures will move in the trajectory of loquaciousness and heterogeneousness alike.

How to get your Google Plus ID with a Vanity Name URL

If you have a vanity name in your URL on Google+ rather than just an ID number, you can search for yourself, and your profile picture in the search results links to your ID number – so you can copy URL and extract the number from the link.

Here is a GIF animation showing how that is done ~ 


Blocked Blacklisted Sites from Google Search

I am starting a list of blocked websites/ domains from Google search.

    • When linking directly to an article page – there is a blank landing page, then the user needs to click through to the actual page – then on load, a huge explanatory banner pops up covering the article… If I’m going to read or share articles, I want to see the article immediately… If Forbes ever fixes this, tag me/ tell me in the comments below and I’ll remove this filter… ~ There are so many news sources – ain’t nobody got time for that ~
    • Congratulations on becoming a huge website in a short amount of time, but if that means pushing subscription pop-ups on me every time I visit your page – I don’t want a part of it. I’m all for feminism, equality and the anti-destruction of humans/ the world – but that doesn’t mean I will subscribe to your website. Click the YouTube logo in the corner of the video and send me that link, not the UpWorthy landing page. 
    • Upon loading the site, a popup asks you to like/ share on social media.. But I know nothing about how good your site is, and I’d rather block it from search results and share the website on this list than share on social media…

List without notes/ formatting:

Chrome Extension for filtering Google Search results


Tablet OS Android Chrome OS

It seems that this year is the year of tablets, cloud and mobile.

I was excited about tablets before (though I wasn’t planning to get one, I can do so many things on my phone, and I really don’t need one…) but I really would have wanted one which was a bit more powerful that what IOS and Android can offer.

I would love a cloud based Chrome OS tablet, with full HTML 5 support for offline databases (Gmail, Docs, Google+ etc.)

That way it would not need huge processing or space (becuase the cloud could process and store), but would be easily accessible and portable. It would be able to do more powerful desktop processes in a compact form factor…

What do you think about tablets/ notebooks/ etc.?

Since Google Docs, I’ve been loving the cloud, storing all my Microsoft Office files in Docs.
and then when G+ came out with unlimited photos at 2,000 pixel resolution ` I uploaded all photos on my destop~ Then theres YouTube, Gmail, etc.etc. ~

Just a few things to go and we’ll be 100% in the cloud ~

Google Plus G+ New awesome Social Network

I was so excited when I heard about G+,

I had already slowed my use of Facebook, and was being irritated by the cluttered, ever changing, dated style of it, and the way it did things…

Things I love about G+:

  • You can send things to groups of people “circles” – semi-public, but restricted by you
  • You can share videos with groups of people (driven by YouTube architecture) – where as on YouTube it’s public, private, or to 5 people…
  • Unlimited HD 2,000 pixel photos, unlike compressed FB photos… So I uploaded every image I owned ~ and all facebook images
  • It’s easy to upload stuff
    • When I get home, and connect to WIFI, all my photos/ videos from my phone get pushed into G+
    • Other photos on your computer can just be dragged into G+ albums and uploaded, and while uploaded, you can drag more photos in ~
  • Video chat, better than Skype.
    You can video chat with 10 people, while chatting and sharing YouTube videos together ~
  • It’s clean, fast, made by Google, and only just beginning ~

Adventures with Android Happiness <3

It may or may not be shameful to say – but in Australia, since the iPhone 3G came out (2nd iPhone) – I have gotten a new iPhone every year – 3G, 3GS, 4.

I did need to change my contracts – so I have some excuse.. I would sell the phone and upgrade.. –_–;;;

Anyway – I won a competition with Google, and got a Nexus S from them ^__^

It is so good – but I guess many smartphones will be similar in many ways.. just details..

Here are some big things for me:

  • There is an app called ES File Explorer, which lets you see your phone’s file system, and also FTP, LAN and Bluetooth network file systems.
    This is so amazing !!! you’d never be able to do this on an iPhone!!
    So Android phones (that are not locked with carriers), are like computers ^__^..more and more…
    So pretty much – no more iTunes – I never need to plug my phone into a computer… transferring images from the web, Google Music Beta-Like sync with SugarSync (wireless syncing of music with shared folders, playing music with Winamp) and you can download files from FTP servers, backup files, download files from the Internet etc.
  • Home screen widgets ~ yayy~ 
    there is a list of all apps, but on the homescreens, you can have anything – 
    My favorite are the time/date/weather/etc. and settings widgets.
  • My desktop’s Ethernet plug died, so – no internet for a while – but Android saved the day – PDAnet – sharing WIFI with computer (like 3G tethering, but faster)
    again – would never happen with iPhone unless you had some dirty hack..
  • Real turn-by-turn audio GPS for free ^__^
  • You can set other 3rd party applications as default apps – 
    SMS Go pro (free) scheduling SMS, Firefox browser, WinAmp

CONS X__X I wish there were none… /ok, there are none/

  • Camera: no touch to focus yet? /fixed/ 
  • Was freezing up on homescreens – that would (almost) never hapen on an iPhone) /fixed/
  • No easy screenshot? /fixed/
  • No easy Japanese keyboard..? /fixed/
  • No Emoji system wide u_u,, /fixed/

Since the time of publishing, I have gotten a Nexus 4 which was the top of the line phone end of 2012 and half the price of an iPhone. It is shiny beautiful and runs wonderfully, many more features and apps. 

Google Play can’t find media

If you ever have some songs unable to play on the Google Play app, try the following:

  • Go into settings -> apps -> all -> MediaStorage -> clear data (This doesn’t delete any of your files, just the cache database with a list of where all the media files are on your phone
  • Then reset your phone, so it will rebuild some of the cache again

I downloaded some songs to my phone, then uploaded them to Google Play. I then deleted the local files, and tried to play them with Google Play without success. The system was still trying to play the local versions which didn’t exist. When the cache was deleted, all worked fine instantly!

Pushka 4 Google, Valve, etc.

What I’d really love is to build my own business or be an artist, rather than working as a tool in a giant corporation to be bashed until my soul is destroyed and my will yielded to their monolith income generating strategies…

However there is one company I would love to work for (well I have discovered more) After watching the Life at Google videos, I found that Google is an amazing company with a mission I love, and a work culture that is different from what you’d think a typical business would be


This seems even more chaotic and creative than Google, with no boss, Valve runs on a completely flat management system and employees are free to create and innovate in all their ventures (also their desks have wheels, so there’s no getting stuck in a rut ~ always moving ~ )


Google IO 2011 – signing in from Australia

I’m currently watching the bginning of Google IO Develoers conference from Australia ~

so exciting ~ it’s the 1st I’ve listened to ~

I’ll give live updates ~ (though on the Google IO 2011 website, there are also live streming, updates and announcements)

  • Update to Honeycomb, Ice-cream Sandwich (I mised this)
  • Android market + Movie rentals (like on YouTube)
  • Google Music Beta – online iTunes replacement in the cloud with auto sync
  • Open accessories – anyone can make any type of accessories that work with Android
  • Android at Home – Android can work with any item in your house, if inbuilt, or if you connect to a receiver

I can’t believe how smooth and amazing the Google IO live stream is ~ there must be thousands watching and it doesn’t skip a beat~

There were 2 main streams on the live streaming  ~ Android and Chrome – both of which I’m really interested in – wish I could watch it all ~ I think it will all be released soon~

And huge news for browsers and the killing of IE6

  • There is a plugin called Google Chrome Frame, which can be installed on machines without admin privaliges, that renders web pages through Chrome in IE if the webpage has opted in (with a meta tag) – so websites can use HTML 5, modern flash, 3d graphics etc. in IE6 with this plugin.

Also Google Open Fonts is exciting:

  • Rich fonts like what is used in print, Google hosts them, so there isn’t any down time, there is no licencing issues, because it’s open, and Google handles cross-browser quirks and browser updates etc., option for compression, optimisation, only download characters you need, caching.