What is ‘Pushka’?

Pushka is a nickname of mine that I acquired when I was in the 9th grade. Being at a high school camp, My friends and I happened to be talking about a game by the name of “Kick the Can”, and I, thinking it was another game I knew from my youth, attending a Polish church, was saying “I know that game: “pushka.” These buds of mine thought it was rather amusing, and so started calling me Pushka. And Pushka became me. My true name is Ben. Since it is rather the common name, I respond faster to ‘Pushka’, and feel all types of warm and fuzzy inside when I am referred to by it.
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Pushka in other languages:

  • Polish – Container/ Tin can (Puszka)
  • Czech – Shotgun (puška)
  • Croatian – Shotgun
  • Serbian – Shotgun
  • Romanian – Gun
  • Macedonian – Gun
  • Russian – Cannon
  • English – Me
  • Finnish – Bush (puska)
  • Yiddish – Charity container
  • Aramaic – Palm/ handsbreadth (פושקא)
  • Hindu – “Best among Men”
  • Bulgarian – Gun

Know of any more?

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